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A King's Quest Prequel

Read How the King's Quest Story Comes to Life

Why did I Decide to Write a King's Quest Prequel ?

The King's Quest games are brilliant games, they more or less invented the Adventure/Quest genre
But the first game lacked a proper introductory story, a short story was supplied in the game manual but many holes are found within that story, for example:

The manual indicates that a sorcerer took the magic mirror, then how did it get to the dragon's lair ?
The manual indicates that a dwarf took the magical shield, then how did it get to the leperchaun king ?
The manual indicates that a witch took the magical chest, then how did it get to the giant ?

As a writer, those holes in the plot drive me nuts! - Yup, that is my official reason to write Kingdom in Distress

What Storyline does Kingdom in Distress follow ?

Kingdom in Distress focuses on the time before Knight Graham approached the king in order to be assigned the quest for the crown.
Kingdom in Distress focuses on the times of king Edward the benevolent, when he was married and happy with the three treasures at his disposal.

In the course of the book we find out how King Edward was tricked to lose those three magical treasures.

Help me write the book!

Kingdom in Distress is a fan creation, and I want you to be part of the book as well.
I don't see myself as the sole creator of the book, I want you to be one as well, if you have anything to add, if you think some things should change, if you want to add a full side tale into the book then by all means please send your piece to me, I will review your feedback and incorporate it (assuming it is not offensive, and that it adds to the story), you can be part of this book;
Please, don't just sit and read the book, make it your own book - start writing.

I will update the book online according to the changes which will get into the book.
Credits, of course, will rightfully be given to all of the writers!

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