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About Me

First and foremost I am a King's Quest Fan.
I happen to be also a writer; I always looked at the King's Quest Games like looking at an interactive story, where the story unfolds as I solve the adventuring puzzles. but I felt that many people playing the game, took it one step at a time, thus the story as a whole lacked a flowing story telling as the the player gets stuck at some stage and his story line gets broken

I wrote the prequel to the King's Quest series, as I felt it weird to begin a story where my protagonist is looking for three treasures which were lost to the kingdom, without knowing why and how.

Why did I Decide to Write the King's Quest Prequel ?

I wrote the King's Quest prequel many years ago, and never had the means to publish my work.
Years past and technology progressed so much that nowdays it is very easy to publish indie artwork. I am not saying that my book is exactly artwork, but maybe someone will enjoy reading it, why not let people enjoy my work !?

The last few years saw King's Quest blossoming online, from remakes of the first three games (and the fourth is on its way), to podcasts and many articles springing online daily; it just seemed like the right thing to do.

Does my Book Follow the Pure Game Story ?

Of course not. First of all, my book is a prequel to the games' story, so there is no game story to follow. But Sierra did publish a manual with the game which contained a short story telling how the three treasures were stolen from king Edward - that story I did follow, but as I wrote much more explicitly, I have added many many details to the original story, I have also took the liberty to fill many holes in the short story which without them the player can't understand the connection between the game and the manual's story.

As a writer I write from the depths of my soul which sometimes got me totally carried away, although I always aspired to stick to the main storyline.

I also hope to get readers' feedback and upgrade the story according to the feedback, I want to make this story a collaberative effort, a story of many fans!

What About Other Stories ?

The prequel to King's Quest "Kingdom in Distress" is a free book, please read it and send me your opinion; If many people will like it, I will probably continue writing.
If your feedback is negative I will update the book with your suggestions.
If you have positive feedback then please put a nice review on the download site (Amazon or any other place your found it).

Your feedback means a lot to me.

Please, be kind and gentle with your feedback though, I am doing this as a fan, free of charge for the good of daventry.

UPDATE: I want the book to be free everywhere, but there seems no way to have the book free on Amazon since publishing date (And I want my book on Amazon!)
So this is what I am going to do, I will put it on Amazon for the lowest price (0.99$), the price will be 0.99$ for some time (till I succeed with my price match as follows).

I will list this book on other online book stores for 0$ (did it! - free on smashwords), and will ask Amazon to match the price.

So, only on Amazon, the price will remain 0.99$ till they match (hopefully) the price to be 0$, but on all other online book stores it will be FREE
I will update everyone on my email list as soon as it gets free on Amazon as well

I will appreciate though any help you can lend me in lowering the price, the process is actually quite simple:

And While you are there, I will HUGELY appreciate your kind Review :-)

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